Many people aren't planners... especially when it comes to their own death.  The reality is that death planning is a selfless act and an act of love for those who will be left after you leave this world. 
This includes your parents, siblings, children, friends... even pets. 

First and foremost, death planning benefits loved ones who are responsible for handling all of the details after you die. 

By completing the FREE planning documents available to you on this site, your actions will
benefit your family members and friends.  Here's how:

  • They won't have to deal with the stress of making big decisions when their minds are in
    shock and their hearts are heavy.

  • They won't have to spend as much time searching for information on your liabilities and
    assets and trying to determine how to handle your finances, bills, accounts, etc.

  • They won't be taken advantage of by people who are experts at profiting from death.

  • They will have time to grieve appropriately because you have given direction on many of the
    details associated with your death.

In addition to reducing the amount of stress your loved ones will experience in making your funeral arrangements and handling your personal business, death planning also benefits you.  Here's how:

  • You will be assured that your funeral will meet your personal wishes and accurately reflect
    your beliefs, lifestyle, legacy, etc. 

  • You will be setting guidelines regarding funeral costs and will minimize the chance that
    the people you love will be financially taken advantage of during a time when they are vulnerable.

  • You will be providing critical information regarding your financial data, reducing the possibility
    that your money and valuable possessions will be misappropriated.

  • You will experience peace of mind by making decisions when you are in the
    best state of mind.

  • You will leave a legacy of love for those left behind...

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