The creation of this Web site is
a reflection of how passionate I am about my vision to spare extra headache and heartache when someone loses a loved one.  I trust that the information provided is both comprehensive and beneficial. 

A little background... When I was 30, I found myself in a pretty unique situation.  Being a fifth generation native of Colorado, the majority of my deceased relatives were buried at the same cemetery (where my uncle was previously sexton).  I was notified that the cemetery was nearly full, and if I wanted to be buried among my ancestors, I was going to have to buy a grave plot. 

Of course, at age 30, death was the last thing on my mind.  So was spending nearly one thousand dollars on a piece of land four feet wide and six feet deep.  But, I bought the plot anyway. 

Once everything was complete, I remember having a moment of peace.  Something about seeing where I would be buried and knowing that I was going to be surrounded by my family… well, that simply felt good.  I also had a peace knowing that someone else wasn't going to have to figure out this detail after I was gone.  I had spared someone from making that tough decision.

Since then, and especially recently, I have experienced the sadness over many family members, friends, and colleagues being laid to rest.  I have been on the front lines and the back lines, and have witnessed the stress that is piled on top of the other emotions that are a result of a loved one's mortality.  So, I put together this Web site as a resource and as a voice... PLEASE BE PREPARED! 

At the very minimum, please visit my "Free Planning Documents" section and take some time to download them and fill them out.  Focus on how much your actions will benefit someone you love someday.  Make it a goal to get organized and prepared for the only guarantee in life... death.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this Web site. I developed it to feel personal and not like a corporate Web site because death is a sensitive subject.  I hope you use and share the free resources I have developed.  I

Not only do I hope my efforts will help change the way people look at and plan for death,
but I hope that this endeavor prevents unnecessary heartache for those people who
are forced to not only pick up the pieces but put them together after a loved one dies.

                   ~Adria A. Ellerbrock, MBA  < contact me >

P.S.  A big thanks to my good friend Dan O'Neill for coming up with the "My Goodbye" name. 


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